Fairy Server's prime EU End-Game Linkshell
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 Sassy Application

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Sassy Application Empty
PostSubject: Sassy Application   Sassy Application EmptyTue May 20, 2008 12:12 pm

Your name: Sassy

Usual Playtimes: Any time not working

Jobs: monk 74

Server(s): fairy

Sky/Sea Access: sky

HNM Experience: none...

Previous/Current Linkshells: CtrlAltElite

References: Koryuu

Non-LS Events: leveling with naret usually, dyna

Background Information & Goals: to fight gods..never fought them before

Crafts: alchemy (only 24)

Other: i work lots, and my timezone is EST...I usually work mon-fri..sometimes sat
(copy pasted from template thread)
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Sassy Application
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